Letters To Juliet’s -Verona, Italy

Published August 16, 2011 by Mrs. Universe Philippines 2020 - Star Villanueva

Mention the name Verona and you immediately associate it with romance and the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet immortalized in Shakespeare’s works. Now with the release of the movie “Letters to Juliet” The movie,was intriguing recently because it dealt so closely with the romance and intrigue of one of Italy’s most beloved icons, Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare set in Verona.


The house is claimed to be that of the Capulets’ from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, which is now a big tourist attraction featuring the balcony, small courtyard and also a bronze statue of Juliet.
Casa di Giulietta, or Juliet’s House, is located in the center of Verona at via Cappello 23,. Follow the directions to Piazza del Erbe and once you see the graffiti covered sign post and the plaque above the archway, you will recognise it by the number of people inside the courtyard.


Pass through the short dark tunnel, and you’ll find yourself in the intimate courtyard & Juliet’s Balcony vying for a photo opportunity with fellow awe-struck visitors.  


The dark tunnel through which you entered houses a collection of love letter on its walls, left for the secretaries of Juliet to answer. For just €6, you can visit the interior of the house to see the bed from the 1936 Zeffirelli’s movie Romeo and Juliet


Young ladies write letters to Juliet, often asking for advice in love, and tuck them into the wall. At night, the letters removed and the next day brings another collection of notes and letters. In the movie, it is a group of women who answer each one. In real life, it is a group of volunteers in Verona who make it a point to answer the 5,000 letters that arrive for Juliet each year.

560742_148340555297527_1175318738_n Some of the letters are left in the wall each evening, and others are mailed to Juliet in care of Verona. The group that answers the letters call themselves the Club di Giulietta. These fifteen or so volunteers are divided by languages spoken and romantic expertise.

There is a bronze statue of Juliet located in the courtyard. Legend states that those who stroke the right breast of this statue will have good luck. Many people believe it, and travel long distances to visit.


 Juliet’s Tomb – It’s inside the monastery which has been indicated as the place where the final events of the tragedy took place. Lovers from all over the world come to visit this romantic hideout and remember Shakespeare’s great masterpiece. 


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  • hi ate star :)) always ko binabasa blogs mo, 🙂 naiinspire kasi ako plus narerealize ko na kung ano talaga gusto kong course, kasi diniscourage nila ako to take up nursing,then nakita ko yung blogs mo, sabi ko ipaglalaban ko yung makakapagpasaya sakin, thanks ate star, continue to inspire people, sna someday mameet kita personally, hehe to say thank you :)) take care,


  • Hi Star, I have been reading your blog lately. You have obviously inspired your readers and I am one of them 🙂 Keep flying and smiling – you truly have a beautiful smile 🙂 I look forward to your next post 🙂

  • Lately I just opened my computer and find blogs and I found your blog. Among your articles this is my personal favorite. After reading your blog I also want to visit Verona Italy. Actually I’ve watched the trailer of Letter to Juliet and I’m planning to watch the movie.

  • hi STAR ang ganda nung movie na Letter to Juliet ang daming sumusulat sakanila araw-araw tapos sasagutin nila.Hehe sana makapunta din ako dyan :))

    You inspire me so much.

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