Another Magazine Exposure & Endorsement! =)

Published July 31, 2011 by Mrs. Universe Philippines 2020 - Star Villanueva


In Health Today’s August Edition – I’m endorsing the Art & photography workshops in the city.  It is a fact that doing something enjoyable has been associated by positive stress, the healthy kind that motivates the person.

Discovering a new talent can be rewarding, especially when it can lift your spirits & open your eyes to a new opportunities. While finding your inherent strength you may meet your inner artist – and develop a deeper appreciation of beauty from between – HT

When Health Today’s July issue was released I wasn’t in the Philippines. I was really eager to have a copy the soonest so I just asked one of my colleagues who happened to have Manila flight to grab a copy for me, since she’s Korean I instructed her where she can find it… National Bookstore, FullyBooked, Booksale, even in grocery’s magazine rack or 7-11, but unfortunately, she forget about it… but anyway, I had a Manila flight a week after so it’s ok! As soon as I landed, I immediately, went to bookstore! Wow! Nothing beats the feeling of buying a magazine to see your face in it! The feeling is surreal!

I’m looking forward to have more endorsements, and photoshoots too… Modeling and practicing my make up skills are really an enjoyable moment for me! I started building up my portfolio in my FB but it’s not yet formal because I don’t have much time to update it from time to time.

Right now, I’m a flight attendant, businesswoman, entrepreneur, real estate investor, model, magazine writer, Star Bliss Salon & Spa owner of 2 Branches and soon to be a professional make up artist, Jeweler & Hotelier!

 “When you dream, dream BIG, and never give up. There’s no law that says you have to dream small. Your dream is just yours. Never let anyone tell you that your dream can’t happen, it can! Nurture your dream. Keep seeing yourself do what’s never been done before. Believe me, it has no other choice but to come true!”

* I have a new business, but I’ll keep it private for now as instructed by my mom, Shhhhh! Don’t tell anybody! =)

* Again please BEWARE of Scammers & Posers who loves to use my pictures!

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13 comments on “Another Magazine Exposure & Endorsement! =)

  • Thanks for visiting my blog gorgeous 🙂 FA ka pala.. wow..
    my sis in law wants to be an FA, if there’s any opening sa inyo or something or you can refer her i hope you can help us out hihi

  • Dreaming big includes taking risk and expecting more but sometimes, I’m afraid because others told me that it is impossible for me to be what i want someday, anyway thank you for your message…..

    More opportunity to come……

  • We should know our fears just as well as our goals and how to conquer it. Sometimes our uncertainties are noticeable to us but often the fears that are most damaging to our goals are the fears that we are unaware of. I’ll keep following mine up too my last breath.

  • seriously .. I actually filled with admiration… it is very nice blog…
    Now, you’re enjoying with what you achieved I hope someday that I would be like you…

    i really really love photography… and i hope one of this days I’ll become a photographer…
    you inspired me a lot…
    hope that you still blogging… ‘coz i really enjoy reading your blog…

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