Nearly 5 Years of Flying in Synopsis

Published July 28, 2011 by Mrs. Universe Philippines 2020 - Star Villanueva

Despite of sleepless nights, turning day into night & having abnormal sleeping patterns, I honestly feel so lucky & privilege having all these things so I might as well share it with you…” Blah Blah! It’s an excerpt from my article that I published 5 years ago. I can still say those lines till now but Life as we all know is full of ups and downs. We have summer & winter, day & night and there’s always a sad part in someone’s happy life.

Whenever I told someone, I’m resigning soon. They’re always giving me a shocking look with the big question WHY!? (Maybe because It’s a given fact that I have a very positive job description) and whenever, they asked WHEN? I kept saying anytime! I’m definite with my answer. Yes, you’ve read it right, ANYTIME. Don’t nod your head left & right while saying NO, till you read my recap, this is not just about “Missing Home

Being an International Flight Attendant for almost 5 years now. I still believe that everyday is a new learning experience. Flying from one continent to another is still something I considered new to me! Yes, I’m still not used to it! How will I used to a lifestyle that is not considered normal? Yesterday, I’m in New York, Today I’m in Kuala Lumpur, tomorrow, I’ll be in Zurich for the nth time. If I were to elaborate the stories in between, believe me it will fill a hundred page book or more. I’m not complaining and don’t accuse me of bragging here, I’m just innocently telling you my daily not-so-typical lifestyle.

So, here I am came back from a 14hrs flight. My feet are swollen from prolong standing, I feel bloated, my muscles hurts, I’m tired and very sleepy but hey, that doesn’t end there! I still have to unpack then pack again my suitcase for my flight tomorrow. Okay I’ll call it a night! I took shower and ready to sleep, and now guess what!? I’ve been semi-dependent of melatonin sleeping pills for more than 2 years now, Thanks to Jetlag! Iterax, Advil PM, Panadol night even cough syrups named it – I tried it all! Now, Tell me, is that sounds normal to you?

(Every flight usual scenario): visiting a destination I’ve never seen before with lots to do and see. I absorb every minute of the tour take lots of pictures, bought some souvenirs. The next day comes need to wake up early and get ready. It’s time to return to the aircraft!

(pre-vacation Leave usual scenario): bought a 90% discount airfare tickets, day has come, excited to have a holiday! Voila! Flight is FULL Better luck next time! bye bye! (Excerpt from what I wrote 2 years ago: The Truth About Flight Attendant on Travel Benefits.

(During Vacation): Time Flies When You’re having Fun & Adventure! Do I need to say more? I wrote about it last year – same title. Woooh! Pamper galore in my very own Star Bliss Salon & Spa – Time to turn on my Spoiled but not a Brat Mode! Setting aside all of that, anxious already whether there will be a seat available for me! (I twice paid on the spot – full fare business class ticket already! Just to have a seat!) 

(Post Vacation) Reminiscing a day in the life of an FA on vacation leave, looking forward for next Manila flight <— That’s one of the things I also considered on my resignation. I stopped bidding other destinations, I only request Manila flights, and whenever they gave me only 1-2 Manila flight it’s still not enough, I still make an effort to swap my nice layover destinations. “There’s no Place Like Home!”

Life has so many turning points. Each turning point involves a choice, a decision to be made . My decision to resign anytime soon is never easy as I still enjoy the perks of travelling and inevitable 6 digits salary! I’m aware that it will cause me to have a major turning point in my life. But I think I’ve had enough, it’s time to welcome a new transition! I agree that the only thing in life that is constant is change! I know that my lifestyle will never be the same, but change will give me more opportunities to grow & develop more!

Again Beware of ScammersThere are lots of people out there who loves using my pictures.


9 comments on “Nearly 5 Years of Flying in Synopsis

  • I can’t imagine myself being 3 flights in a row. I just once traveled to Europe in a continues flight and I was like dying. So, I look up on you for being one of the brave ones. Cheeersss dear!

  • I agree with the last paragraph of your blog,. You know, we are born to go higher, adventurous and dare to dream bigger but we must have what are you living for.

    Thumb up for your blog ……
    God Bless…..

  • Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this weblog and I’m inspired! Extremely useful info particularly the remaining part 🙂 I maintain such information much. I was looking for this certain information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  • Many people think that being an International Flight Attendant is a dream job. Who wouldn’t when you get to have a very high salary and travel benefits, right? What the people are unaware of is that being a flight attendant also has its drawbacks. At first, one would probably enjoy being a flight attendant since you get to see different places. Because it’s all so exciting, you don’t notice how tiring the job is. When you get used to all the places because you’ve been there so many times, that’s when you feel the drawbacks – jetlags, fatigue, lack of sleep, etc.

  • Hi miss Star! firstly I just wanna say you are very inspiring person being a Int’l Flight stewardess at 21 yrs. old. and living your dream Wow :>, hmm Do you have any tips or any advice?, I just tried PAL recruitment sadly I didn’t pass and i don’t know why (i don’t want to sound over confident, but I wish I knew so I can work it out). I’m trying in QATAR hoping I get through like you! I read your first blogs about your experience it was very informative and inspiring! 🙂

  • I salute you for being so brave on letting go such great blessing and huge opportunity in life. You’re the kind of person who won’t just be staying in one place/situation wherein you enjoy luxury but not totally happy. For i know somehow its very difficult to let go such great things in life especially when you do not know what might happen next, would it be good or bad. You really are an inspiration miss Star, i too want to be a flight attendant and you inspire me more after reading all your posts about being one (both the negative and the positive side of it). Thank you very much!!! I wish and pray for your happiness^_^ Continue to share your blessing through your blog:)

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