Beware of Scammer, Impostors and Posers!

Published April 30, 2011 by Mrs. Universe Philippines 2020 - Star Villanueva

Attention All:

It has been bought to my attention that someone is using my identity in many circumstances like offering discounted tickets the swindlers are able to take cash & credit card numbers from victims.  There are also numerous reports that a lot of people are impersonating me or using my pictures in some dating sites.  Other version of this scam includes the use of chat portals such as yahoo messenger using my identity and when you are yet smart enough to know that these schemes are scams and have paid them the amount that they’re asking, you will just realize that when they would just vanish out of the blue.

Please be informed that I only uses yahoo messenger rarely just to speak with my family & friends and I’ve never had any dating site whatsoever. Please spread the news that this type of modus operandi exist to your friend and loved ones so no more individual will be victimized by this scam.



15 comments on “Beware of Scammer, Impostors and Posers!

  • Scammer
    And I will verify that somebody out there is a scammer. I got bit. Who it was I will never know. She was acting with a man known as Mr. Esterpe.

  • Yes… the scammer lives on and I wish I had seen this site sooner. She works in tandem with a couple of others imposing themselves as US Immigraion workers. She says she has paid airfare but the airlines has no record of her on their passenger list…hahahah BEWARE !!
    Am so sorry you go through this Ms. Villanueva….

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