Time Flies When You’re Having Fun & Adventure!

Published September 8, 2010 by Mrs. Universe Philippines 2020 - Star Villanueva


One Sunday morning, my family and I didn’t have any plan but it turned out to be my favorite day of the month! (August) Headed to Serendra & Market Market Mall in Global City during its SALE day so we we’re inside the mall from morning till evening without noticing it. Spent the whole day, fitting clothes & shoes! And satisfying our cravings in some food chains such as Zagu, New York Fries and New York Hotdogs! Then later on had dinner in Kamayan buffet restaurant! I think I totally forgot that there’s this word called “Diet!”


 Then saw the wall climbing it’s kinda cool, but gravity is something that everybody should be scared of. This kind of activity is easy but even with the gears, there’s still a chance for these gears to malfunction so, you just have to be careful everytime you do this kind of stuff.

It was my brother who climbed first. Then I accompanied my sister. While looking at how steep the rock was, I fearlessly started to hit the rock and grab anything I can hold on to with my hand. Though I’m a first time climber, I wasn’t scared at all because I love heights! and it was actually safe because of the gears that they let us use. The wall also has certain stages of varying difficulty depending on your experience and capability. There is what they call the 90-degree wall, for beginners. The wall is just flat and doesn’t have many obstacles all you need is to power lift and push yourself up.


I wasn’t wearing the right clothes and shoes (just rented proper shoes) because it’s not planned at all. I really had so much fun! I wish I can’t go to different wall climbs as often as I want to!

As we walked around Serendra, I’ve been spotted to do a 10 seconds commercial and mini-photoshoot for Fox Channel! I’m glad my mom also have her camera with her the whole time because my Sony digicam kept on vibrating like a cellphone on a vibrate mode! It produces blurry pictures!

















The happenings didn’t end there! Also went to McKinley Hills to check the developments of my condo. I love the ambience in Venetian Mall though it’s a mimicked version it still reminds me of Venetian Mall in Las Vegas that I visited early this year and Venetian Mall in Macau.

There’s more! The night didn’t end there. Before they start calling me “Indianera” for not showing up every time they invite me, I’ve decided to meet my friends at Starbucks in Rockwell Makati. We spent more than 3hours of non-stop laughter! Abby – my colleague from the airline just arrived that time, I’m glad she didn’t forget to bring the Alviero Martini passport holder & wallet that I asked her to buy during her recent flight to Rome, Italy.

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11 comments on “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun & Adventure!

  • Hi Star! It’s been a while since I did some real good blog hopping. been so busy lately with my online business and some offline projects.

    I guess I need a break just like this one. Although for the past 4 months, Saturdays are off-blogging / facebook days. I’m spending the whole day fishing somewhere north of Manila.

    It’s fun as well. Then a good 3-hour full body massage at home with my favorite shiatsu masseuse. 🙂 We all need a break, you need a big one, you deserve it. Cheers!

  • Hi star. Thank you so much for the compliment about my blog. It feels like I’m starstruck when you left a comment in my blog specifically the Nuffnang experience. If you only knew how I adore you as a person. I’m actually a frustrated flight attendant, I’ve always wanted to become one but because I only stand 5’1 I guess I have to accept that one that I could never be part of it. LOL..And just by merely reading your blog it really shows that you are very successful with your life. I envy you, you’ve been to different places, traveled a lot and you were able to establish a business of your own. I am so happy for you. Wish I could be successful in my endeavors too. 🙂 Wish you more and more blessings to come.. GOD BLESS and keep it up!

  • you are amazing….
    your blog makes me feel better.. i don’t know why, i don’t know how.. but it makes me motivate my dreams to pursue…

    with your blog I’ve learned that it’s taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. but taking me for so long was not bad because it makes me feel better person that i want to be me.. like you… you just enjoying your life and enjoying what you want… you are free to do what you want to… looking forward for more posts..:)

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