The Truth About Flight Attendant Travel Benefits

Published August 23, 2009 by Mrs. Universe Philippines 2020 - Star Villanueva

First of all, free or reduced rate travel is always based on space available. Whether you are the crew or employee’s family traveling at a discount, you will only be issued a seat after all of the revenue passengers, including standby paying passengers. They are always the priority so if there’s no seat available they will ask you to just try your luck on the next flight which has always been a problem for me because all Qatar Airways employee must be back in Doha 10 hours before the next duty time but still I usually try my luck to go to Manila on my 3-4 days off. (What to do in Doha on 4days off!?! I’ll be crazy!)

What this means is that you must be very aware of the available seats on any given flight. This requires some legwork by using the company computerized reservation system to determine which flights are best for you. In my case, it’s always hard to get a seat because Manila Flight is always full or overbooked! Even if it’s not vacation period or holiday! There’s no off peak seasons in Manila flight because there are lots of Filipinos all over the world! And even if there’s a vacant seat, those seats are for senior ones! It’s better to have a full fare ticket as a back up, or else you’ll end up buying a business class full fare ticket!

* The Picture shows there’s no more passenger on cue but me, sitting near the subload check in counter, the other picture is while waiting for the delayed aircraft. There’s no more seat available on the waiting area so the rest are just standing. I’m sitting on my trolley! This inconvenience were just making me decide to resign sooner!

Last April, I flew to manila on my 4days off, August 17-19, I went to MNL again on my 3 days off and same dilemma happens! Fully booked! There’s one jump seat available but there’s one crew who’s more senior than me got the seat.



What makes it worst is that the departure should be 17:30 but the aircraft arrived at 19:40 from Doha! Super delayed! I waited in the check in counter for more than 2 hours sitting there like a beggar and 2 hours again in gate 10. I finished eating 4 BreadTalk’s Cheese Floss and Chef Tony’s popcorn because of boredom! There’s no sign of chance whatsoever but still I stayed there. Just a minute before I call someone to pick me up at the airport, I heard 3 people arguing, they sounded dismay about something. I never knew what is it all about until the ground staff told me that they have been offloaded from MNL Flight! Because they have visa problem. I feel sorry for them but at the same time thankful because their situation gives me a vacant seat! Yehey! Then I arrived in Doha around 12:40 am of August 20 – Just in time for my next duty at 10:50 am (Pick up time).

* After all the inconvenience, this view from the aircraft window simply draw a smile in my face for a minute! I’m glad to see my condo unit nonstop construction and The Venetian Mall as my View from the Top! 

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* April 4 Days OFF



10 comments on “The Truth About Flight Attendant Travel Benefits

  • this post goes to show that in life there are little sacrifices that one needs to do just to fulfill one’s dream. you’re lucky Star to be on that boat, but humble and positive enough to convey it to the world that it isn’t a perfect one, just like others perceived it to be. 🙂

    will pray for your safety at all times! 🙂

  • hey star,

    thanks for dropping by my blog.

    i find ur blog interesting, aside from sharing ur experience being an FA, being where you are now and staying humble is a dime a dozen nowadays.

    hope u don’t mind if i link you up.

    Stay safe and God bless!

  • Hi star, iv’e been reading your blog a long time ago, i am very happy that you are on wordpress now . I have a question , because i am going to apply to qatar now and my bff works there to and she told me that she coudn’t take pics using her uniform. That it was prohibited. So , you upload pics of you (wich i love) , so is it true what my friend said? or you can do it? because if i get the job i want to uploads pics of my trips hahaha. Please answer me, i will thank you always



  • Hello star, thanks for these. I’m inspired and at the same time enjoying in reading your posts. Would kindly like to ask if its okay from you, can you share your stories starting from your preparations for the OD, until AD and FI and ultimately until you got-in into being a succesful QR cabin crew. I found your site from PEX FA forum threads. Looking forward for your reply. Salamat ng marami 5tar! Mwah

  • Hi Star! I’m lucky i came across on your blog! I like reading your article . I want to become a flight attendant also but I have scars and mild scoliosis. Can I still be qualified in this position?

  • HELLO!

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