My Condo Unit…

Published June 19, 2009 by Mrs. Universe Philippines 2020 - Star Villanueva

I finally found the condominium with a perfect location. It’s in posh area of McKinley Hill in The Fort Global City. It’s very accessible from all vital roads in Metropolis. It’s direct access to the Makati business district through McKinley road by passing through Forbes Park. Direct access to The Fort, Ortigas and Airport through C5 road and Edsa.

When people think of buying pamper gifts for themselves, they usually go to the mall to check out cellphones, clothes, gadgets or Make-ups. But not me, I went out and bought myself a condo unit. Not bad for 24 years old lass. It’s just that I view home ownership as a part of being a responsible adulthood.


My Mckinley Hills studio unit interior decorated by my mom..


Although, I still have my 2 existing bedrooms in my mom’s 2 houses in QC. I still want to pursue my dream of owning one. “iba kasi yung sense of fulfillment pag naisip kong sakin yun or pundar ko talaga yun” and I want to start buying home stuff in different countries then I’ll put it there.

I’m planning to stay at my condo whenever I feel like having my “Me Moments/ independence” or Every time may tantrums ako and I just want to be alone! Hehehe! Kidding aside, I just couldn’t resist the thought of wanting it, because it offers location of advantage, ease and convenience. The unit that I purchased is in front of Venetian Mall with Gondola ride in the impressive man-made Grand Canal. Parking will not be a problem.

It’s supposed to be zero down payment but I preferred to pay P500,000 downpayment to make the monthly mortgage low and the turnover lump sum on December 2012 will be less. I was about to get the unit on the 6th floor but then I’ve realized there isn’t much view on 6th floor so I chose 15th floor.


After 9 hours flight, when we reached our hotel yesterday (June 18′ 2009) where Qatar Airways crew stays. I began to write the details in my personal checks, but because I’m tired and sleepy. Some of the checks are just wasted because of date/year mistakes or my signature becomes Estretita instead of Estrellita! Hehe!

* Mckinley Hill Website

* Megaworld Corporation


* My First Real Estate Investment in Tagaytay


12 comments on “My Condo Unit…

  • Hey! love to read about your acomplishments as I someday want to get to the same point.
    What would you like me to write about? Can u write me some questions for me to answer?
    I’ll be waiting.
    By the way, my e-mail is:
    Take care
    The Flying Camba

  • Congratulations sis…

    I agree about that “sense of fullfilmen”..tdream ko rin magkaroon ng sarling house, still saving up..I wanna go back to Philippines for good.

  • Hi Star! I learned a lot from your post and I do realize that too…I’ve been splurging a lot with so many unecessary things and if I had been as practical as you I would have bought my own condo. Great post dear, you inspired me and I’m pretty sure continue to inspire other people as well. Great investment 🙂

  • McKinley Hill is a nice place. Quiet, peaceful … great for “serenity now” moments. 🙂

    I like passing through that area when coming from C5 going to the Villamor area or airport. I used to take C5 til the end, then the service road…. then I transferred my route to The Fort (Market Market exit) then going through the base leading out to Villamor. Now, my scenic and favorite lovely route is via McKinley Hill exit from C5 leading to the base and out to Villamor.

    Plus I’m excited to visit the Venetian mall when it opens.

    You’re with Qatar Airways ? May be you know my cousin Bob (Darren) who is a pilot on that same route and airline. 🙂

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