Surviving – A problem without a solution

Published January 17, 2009 by Mrs. Universe Philippines 2020 - Star Villanueva

As people we are used to problems and trying to solve them. The loss and bereavement process is difficult because the problem you are trying to solve has no answer. That is what confuses us and causes depression. We are used to finding solutions and we need to understand that mourning and grief is one emotion that cannot be “mended”. The solution that you want – your loved one by the side of you- will not come back.

The solution to beat this depression, is to understand that it is about survival skills…surviving the crisis and then learning to live and love again.You need to change the question that you are searching for an answer to, from – why did this happen? to How do I learn to cope with this pain? That is a problem that we can find an answer for, it is a problem that through years of experience we have learned to cope with……it is a problem with a solution.

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